Welcome to 'ALL CREATURES DAY! - A proposal for a new UK Telethon and TV Event in 2015, that will allow millions of people to raise more funds for many organisations who are saving and protecting endangered species from cruelty and death, at home and abroad. Virginia McKenna of Born Free, said she would join with it if this Telethon happens. MEP Struan Stevenson put a message of support on the Guest page and Legendary Vet and Hospital Director of RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital, David Grant said a Telethon is a very good idea. So, please join with me and them to persuade TV Executives, that we need a new UK Telethon, like Children in Need, but for all our wonderful creatures like the Dogs. Cats, Horses, Elephants, Rhino's, Whales, Tigers, Dolphins, Bears, Orangutans, and other species who are suffering abuse and misery. Please support this campaign!

All Creatures Day! A National / International TV Event between Sport Relief and Children in Need, which raises money annually for organisations who help many creatures to be saved from cruelty and misery. Like Sport Relief or Children In Need, this can be home-based, but it could be established abroad if people link in by local money raising events for their charities. World Animal Day and other initiatives could join with this event to save our Planet's Creatures who are facing oblivion. The World Wildlife Fund and London Zoo research has in 2012 found that the number of wild animals, fish and birds has fallen by almost a third in 40 years because of manís plundering of natural resources.

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Too many disasters are waiting to happen. We must unite our resources to arrest this sad decline.
Many species can and must be saved. A direct way is to encourage the two main UK TV Chief Executives, Tony Hall of the BBC and Adam Crozier of ITV, one of whom had sent a message to me to say that they would like to do this, but made poor excuses not to. Please persuade them by sending an e-mail to convince them that a UK Telethon for All Creatures is needed, now more than ever!

Contact Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC at tony.hall@bbc.co.uk and ask him to find the resources for an 'All Creatures Day' Telethon because it can replace the BBC Wildlife Fund, (which was closed in 2010) that was previously used to help raise funds to save wildlife and increase public awareness about the issues of endangered species.

You can e-mail ITV's Adam Crozier by contacting Sara Hanson, Head of ITV Corporate Responsibility to tell her that this Telethon meets the ITV criteria as a Charity Appeal because it helps by raising societal awareness of issues with regards to cruelty to animals and it provides donations to ITV viewers' favourite charities. Please Contact Sara at e-mail address: responsibility@itv.com

My idea here is to raise awareness amongst the UK and Worldwide public and to increase the levels of money available to save creatures, great and small. And in that process, I wish to unite great organisations and charities, to expand information about their work, and increase their income by donations from a UK Telethon, because our primates, animals, birds, and sea-life, at home and abroad are hugely affected by ongoing cruelty, an insatiable appetite for money, land, resources, and products, fuelled by a growing demand from the Far East for ivory, bear bile or rhino horn, all because of erroneous ideas about their medicinal properties with the result, that many species are more endangered than ever like the Rhino and species of the African Elephant. Rageh Omaar's Panorama programme on BBC One, Ivory Wars, exposed this sick ivory trade. It was shown on Thursday, April 12th, 2012. The BBC showed a recent series on Wildlife called Planet Earth Live. This showed animals and creatures of all kinds on different continents, presented by Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury. That was ambitious and had good intentions but better is to come in future, as the BBC are producing a programme for 2013, which encourages Children to make a difference in conserving the different species in Madagascar. That has to be applauded, but it needs to be made far wider in scope to save so many other endangered creatures. Greed, excessive demands, environmental degradation of forestry and habitat, continued human expansion, industrialisation, farming and production methods, poverty, lack of education, are among the many reasons for endangering the survival of species. From Honey Bees to Orangutans; they are all at risk of disappearing.

My name is Gerry Rogers. I have no agenda except that of trying to do something to end the misery of so many creatures by informing you about the abuses against them and to show the positive stories about these magnificent animals, etc, as well as the incredible teams of people, who do so much to end this cruelty towards them. This website will direct you to these organisations and teams who need donations for their special campaigns. In my opinion, an Annual Telethon for All Creatures is an idea whose time is long overdue! If you want to help, please use this site to support your own charities of choice, or please direct this idea for a National Telethon Event to others who could make it a reality in Finance, Broadcasting, the Media, in Business, Sport, or Politics. This event could then truly take shape as a way forward to help our poor, suffering creatures. I started this in 2012 and each year, will try and keep this site up to date with information, about changes, positive or negative, about ongoing practices, at home and abroad like the above and following article, which illustrates the barbarism against beautiful creatures that is presently going on in our country, and worldwide. Having had an enforced break due to work and home pressures, I still collected more information throughout 2014, which will be added into the site, asap. I seek to redouble my efforts in 2015, to get this National Telethon, ' All Creatures Day' costed, supported, and created. The magnificent creatures of our world deserve no less. They need to be saved!

I am a Mental Health Support Worker by profession, and like many people I try to do my bit to care about the Planet. I really care about Humanity. But I think it is utter insanity for an intelligent species to allow unspeakable cruelty to our fellow creatures, and to allow the abuses to go to extinction level.
Beyond blind ignorance, and a cold lack of interest, perhaps the reason we do allow it go on is because when we are faced with the barbaric methods of cruelty that are being perpetrated, we'd rather bury our heads in the sand, and retreat to our comfort zone. Understandably, it is also due to our sensitivities that we struggle to do something, preferring to look at this cruel world with a rose-tinted view, and perhaps doing something limited in its scope to help, in order to ease our minds and hearts about what we know is going on. But this escape from the real issues of our abuses to our fellow creatures has to be faced and dealt with, because this cruelty is against every decent principle we hold in being a good human being. We must stop this barbarity, because it is high time and the right time to save many species. I am sure that we can all come together in the same moral and rightful cause for our fellow creatures, just as we do for Sport Relief and Children in Need, where magnificent donations are given to ease the suffering of Humanity.

Our fellow suffering creatures deserve no less compassion!

Please help if you can, by contacting the following Broadcasters, like I have done, and suggest this Telethon idea to BBC Director General Mark Thompson, ITV Chief Executive Officer, Adam Crozier, Channel Four Boss, David Abraham, and Channel Five Controller Jeff Ford. Suggest that they could provide the leadership for this national event and that their ratings would go sky high, because this would create an enormous interest. They could combine or individually create a national or international money raising event to end cruelty and pain, that would bring to light exactly what is happening to our endangered species. Think of associated parts of this Telethon, that could be broadcast; like a 'Live Aid' style concert for All Creatures who are suffering so much abuse.

Think of the interest that such an event would generate in the UK alone. There are 27 million pets and 43 per cent of UK households contain at least one pet. TV Viewing figures would be staggering!

Celebrity Creature Lovers, who champion their rights, and fight against abuse in the UK and Abroad, are many, including Sir David Attenborough, Sir Paul McCartney, Simon Cowell, Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Ross, Paul O'Grady, Morrissey, Sharon Osbourne, Brigitte Bardot, Bill Bailey, Brian May, John Barrowman, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ali MacGraw, David Jason, Jenny Seagrove, Victoria Beckham, Heather Mills, John Bishop, Martin Clunes, Bill Oddie, Martin Shaw, Chrissie Hynde, Virginia McKenna, Pamela Anderson, Will Young, Joanna Lumley, Pink, Kerry Ellis, Gisele Bundchen, Julian Clary, Julie Christie, Jonathan Porritt, Penelope Keith, Jilly Cooper, Kate Winslet, Helen Worth, Peter Egan, Michaela Strachan, Ben Fogle, Kate Humble, and so many more people would jump at the chance to show the need for such urgent action. Professional People in Animal Welfare like Vet, Emma Milne, or Naturalist, Steve Backshall, and Chris Packham, who are actively involved in various projects, or charities could make presentations of why this is needed now, more than ever, at home and abroad. If this event took off, imagine a 'Live Aid' style music concert that could be made by many Artists who care about our creatures and the great donations it would generate. Think of how satisfying this event would be for all of us when we realise that our donations are helping to end cruelty and to save species from extinction. We would be making a great contribution to future generations. It would help to make society a kinder, more dignified place to live because care and compassion would be uppermost and it would give recognition to the crucial understanding that our relationships with all creatures and eco-systems are vital to support.

We rightly care for Humanity and for the Planet, but we must also care for All our Creatures who share this Earth with us. There are dedicated people out there who need our help now; to give our fellow creatures a life beyond pain so the time is now to act and help them in any way you can. Like other Telethon events, entertainment and performances can be interspersed with showing the positive results that our money and helping efforts have made in this world. There could be a National Mascot and Single or a CD, with which to raise funds on an annual basis. The time has come to save all our creatures and to end cruel, barbaric practices that people can hardly bear to look at or think about.

It is time for us to save the South China Tiger, to end the vile trade in keeping Bears in cages and draining their bile, to stop Whales and Dolphins being savagely killed, to end the trade of Dogs being put into cages with awful cruelty in being kept for meat, to free Orangutans who are kept in chains, to stop Horses, and so many other species suffering neglect, to campaign to stop the Seals being slaughtered, to intervene and stop Rhino's Horns being hacked off by Poachers, to stop Gorillas being hunted, Dogs and Cats being put into rubbish bins and thrown out, and much more. I will give some photo examples in this website of these cruel practices and what they are doing to our beloved wildlife and creatures, domesticated and non-domesticated, at home and abroad. I will also include details of brave people and organisations that are taking positive action and helping as best they can, under harsh economic and environmental conditions.

Please read Vet David Grant's reflections on being at the Harmsworth Animal Hospital for the past 25 years by clicking on the following link to his article. He thinks cruelty to animals is as bad as ever.

But despite this ongoing barbarity, you can still make a difference by simply clicking on a link here on this site to a relevant charity, and be taken straight to that organisation to support or donate for the welfare of a creature that you really care about. If even one creature benefits from this site, I will be grateful because we do live in difficult times. A National Event to help All Creatures, during an economic downturn is now even more important so that we dont allow poor financial conditions to create even more misery at home and abroad for our fellow creatures. Supporting a charity or an Annual 'All Creatures Day' Telethon, towards ending cruelty, would be so positive and uplifting.

If anyone who reads this doesnt have an appreciation for the intelligence, love and kindness of animals or of how they are vital to our well being and our health, or if you ever doubted that our fellow creatures were even worth saving or werent sure that they deserved to be treated better, then consider the following. Have a look at the following websites and research on how their reactions and sensitivities can help us all to withstand and survive devastating occurrences, like the Asian Tsunami of Dec 26th, 2004. More information on the unexplained powers of animals can be found at: www.sheldrake.org/Research/animals/

Since classical times, people have reported unusual behaviour before these devastating situations arise.
Our fellow creatures have an ability to warn us that something awful is about to happen, so if we try to understand them more, it can save countless millions of lives. We can all learn from their insights.

These amazing creatures deserve all the care and understanding that is possible from us as Human Beings because they love us, care for us, give loyalty, and so much more. This is plainly evident from our personal experience of them and you only need to look at the beauty of the relationship we can have with animals, epitomised by Christian the Lion, by looking at his love towards his previous owners on You Tube.

Look also how they provide assistance to us in life, such as Pets as Therapy at www.petsastherapy.org/ Guide Dogs for the Blind, www.guidedogs.org.uk/ and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, www.hearingdogs.org.uk

Animals have always assisted us in war. The Film, 'Warhorse' graphically showed what they did for us, but also how they were abused. However, Please look at the charming and true story of Wojtek, the much loved Polish Soldier Bear, who fought at Monte Cassino, and who died in Edinburgh Zoo:

Please continue onwards to support all our amazing creatures!