Some Homes arent so sweet! Battery Caged Hens could not even stretch their wings. These cages were cruel but from Jan 2012 they are now illegal under European Law. However, thirteen countries flaut this law. Please help Compassion in World Farming to bring a final end to the barren battery cage in every country. Newspapers are now warning of a shortage of eggs, due the end of this cruel trade, because they are being stockpiled. It is far better to have an end to such horrible cruelty in that farming process, rather than having an angst about whether we get an egg! HSI are trying to stop the Commercial Seal Slaughter, Whaling, the Fur Trade, Shark Finning, and are also involved in Street Welfare for Animals, rescuing them from disasters, support Farm animals and are against Animal Testing, Bullfighting, as well as many other forms of cruelty. The League Against Cruel Sports since 1924, oppose cruelty to animals in the name of Sport. They are involved in campaigns to stop the return to hunting with dogs, and are against Dog fighting, Snaring, Hunting, Shooting and Bullfighting. Please support all of these organisations.

Facts: Four or five animals are crammed together in a single barren battery cage, with no ground to scratch, nowhere to roost, no nest in which to lay their eggs. Battery caged hens are typically kept in closed sheds that are artificially lit and ventilated. From the moment she enters the cage, to the day she is taken for slaughter, a hen may never see daylight or feel fresh air. Barren battery cages are usually kept in rows, stacked tier upon tier. Each unit holds thousands of hens this way. If you share our outrage please help today and send a donation to to protect the new ban and end this cruelty. Despite the ban of these cages from January 2012, many countries continue this bad practice, and to date there are still 13 non-compliant countries, because they said they were not ready. Donate to
Compassion in World Farming was founded in 1967 by a Dairy Farmer who was horrified at the suffering caused by the rise of factory farming. With your help in 2012 we will take a step closer to a world in which all farm animals are treated with compassion, and with respect. Thank you.

Humane Society International at wish to put an end to cruelty against all animals worldwide including the brutal slaughter of baby seals in Canada. If you boycott Canadian seafood you will help them. The horrific slaughter of baby seals includes them being shot, clubbed, and bludgeoned to death.
HSI work around the world to protect sea life and to stop wildlife poaching. The European Union banned its trade in seal products and this was a historic success but Canada still continues on with its seal slaughter.
The seal killing is perpetrated by a 1000 men, mostly fishermen from Newfoundland. They see it as an easy way to make a little extra money. Consumers still think Fur is trendy and because of a rising demand for seal fur this grotesque seal hunt has become a money driven, bloody greed fest for seal killers. Incredibly, this sickening ritual is promoted and encouraged by the Canadian Govt who said it was good for business.

The League Against Cruel Sports campaigns are championed by the vast majority of the public and many celebrities. They will keep up the fight for defenceless animals that suffer. They are against Huntsmen who terrorise foxes and their cubs, deer and hare, in the name of "Sport." Dogfighting is still going on with dogs trained to be violent by being starved and beaten. Bullfighting is still going on with bulls being maimed, tortured and forced to fight to the death. Lances and harpoons are pushed into the bulls back and eventually the matador kills it with his sword. Tens of millions of Pheasants and Partridges are subjected to shocking factory farming conditions towards being shot. Animals every year are snared in cruel wire traps that are usually set for foxes and rabbits. Yet, they also kill and maim pet cats and dogs, protected species like badgers, birds, and even sheep.

Please help the League against Cruel Sports to end this savagery.