Save China's Tigers wants to protect and preserve the South China Tiger, the most endangered of the five remaining sub species of Tiger. It is a UK, US and Hong Kong based charity. The only one outside of China to save the Chinese Tiger from extinction. It is supported by Wildlife Biologists, Nature Experts, and has Patrons including Jackie Chan & Nick Rhodes. More support is always needed from the general public to contribute to saving this magnificent animal. Prince Michael of Kent champions the conservation of the Amur Tiger in Russia. The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and other organisations like '21st Century Tiger' are helping to expand more territory for them to live in, are seizing weapons, and stopping the poachers. Please support them. Save the Tigers!

There were eight sub species of Tiger one hundred years ago but three are now extinct, The Bali, Javan, and Caspian Tiger. The remaining five, The Siberian, Bengal, Sumatran, Indo-Chinese, and The South China Tiger all of which are now critically endangered. The Tiger Rewilding programme is headed by renowned Conservationist, Gus Van Dyk. 300 square metres of land has been secured in South Africa at the Laohu Valley Reserve. The fate of the Chinese Tiger is in our hands so please donate to

Prince Michael of Kent is a Champion of saving the Amur Tiger in Russia.

The Russian Government has just announced that they are going to set up a National Park to save the Amur Tiger, which in 1940 only amounted to 40 that were left. Numbers increased more than ten-fold after the war, but they are dwindling again because a carcass of an Amur Tiger can fetch up to 50K on the blackmarket. This new national park will also help the Far Eastern Leopard, and even rarer big cat. Prince Michael has had first hand experience of the Amur Tiger, being with Russian Wildlife experts who were caring for Tigers who had been hurt by poachers or who had been orphaned. He has seen how an Amur Tiger, despite its 10 foot killing frame, interacted with a man who had reared him, in a friendly way. He wrote about his experiences in a recent Sunday Express article on July 8th 2012. Please read the full details by clicking on the link:
And to help save these magnificent Tigers go to Last year this team detained 104 poachers, seized 55 weapons, supported 72 law enforcement inspectors and put out 53 forest fires.

Here below is a photo of Eugeny, Andrey, and Alexander, three courageous Rangers who are protecting 450 Siberian Tigers from Poachers in the lawless areas of Russia's wild east. They work for Russia's Phoenix Fund and this is supported by Tigertime campaign. Recently, in the last year, they detained 37 Poachers. Please find out about these brave men and these great campaigns to the save the Tigers by visiting site:

Scotland's own Tiger/Cat population is in trouble, with few remaining in the wild.

About me. My name is Gerry Rogers. I am a Support Worker for a Mental Health Charity in Scotland.
I wanted to put my idea out for a National Telethon to save all kinds of Creatures from persecution and unspeakable acts of cruelty against them. If this website can tell their story and help to end even some of their ongoing misery, then this site will have been worthwhile.

I consider this ongoing cruelty to be a part of Humanity's lack of care and mental balance, so I hope by promoting these various charities and organisations that are trying to save these species, that more people will support them financially, and by so doing, encourage healing, well-being, and co-operation between all species.

If that happens, even in a small way, then it is truly a worthwhile effort to have started this campaign.
I have no preference for any particular Charity and seek to cause no offence to any who are not listed. Over the years, I collected information from many organisations but I cannot help them as much as I would like to financially, so by creating this site, I hope it gives them a lot more support and money.

I hope that the photo's, articles, and links will inform, rather than upset people, and that it will galvanise people to do something new to help these suffering creatures. I want to apologise to any organisation in advance if the information is not up to date or entirely accurate. I have endeavoured to find out as much as possible within work and time constraints regarding correct information and recent changes in legislation.

If any individual or organisation wishes to contact me, there is a contact form following this page, or you can e-mail me at: and I will do my best to answer any queries, or change any information that needs corrected.

My Fiancee, Fiona and myself have always loved all kinds of creatures, great and small, from an early age and we take care of three cats, one of whom is a rescue cat, called Sophie.

I hope that this site will encourage you to take care of the amazing creatures who inhabit our world.

It is a mutually shared world, which we must take responsibility for; because we are the Custodians.

Maybe then, with proper care and consideration being at the top of the agenda towards All Creatures;
we can truly advance, as a wise civilisation.

I leave you with a picture of Sophie, ( a wee Tigress! ) and I.

Best Wishes!
Gerry Rogers.