This page is dedicated to our Dogs, Cats, and Horses. It contains some of the organisations who give a helping hand to these animals in the UK and abroad, where emergency and long-term care or attention is given to cases of neglected, injured, or abused animals. Many of these organisations are determined to improve the standards of care that animals receive. Please support their campaigns by reading below.

Watch Murkin and Thomas snuggle up together:

Below, Tilly the Dog does a multitude of tasks to help her Owner.

The worrying times we live through are having an effect in that people are losing their jobs, and more people are bringing their dogs in to the Dogs Trust than ever before. The Dogs Trust are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. In 2012 alone, they took in 126,176 strays, an 11 year high. Please read the article here which tells you the up to date situation, with not only Dogs and Cats, but with other animals that the Dogs Trust take in and care for because the economic situation is such that owners cannot take cope with them financially.

The Dogs Trust never destroy a healthy dog and will care for every one until they find them a loving home.
They have at least eighteen centres all over the UK, so please go to their website and make a contribution.

In my own country, the Scottish SPCA is Scotland's Animal Welfare Charity. They dont receive any Govt. funding or Lottery money, and cannot continue their rescue and rehoming centre work without donations. They do not put healthy animals to sleep. You can help thousands of abused, abandoned and injured animals by going to or by phoning them free on 0800 520 0503. Thank you!

The RSPCA insist on Farmers abiding by the Freedom of Food scheme which makes them work to a strict set of standards for welfare, by being attentive to animals in their care, so that they are better placed to understand their needs, to give them a really good life. 77% of Farmers admit to chatting to their animals and playing music to them to make sure they feel less stressed and engage them in positive interaction. But much more needs to be done. Please donate to the RSPCA by going to their website:
The RSPCA took 28,362 calls about abandoned animals last year in 2011. The Daily Express has teamed up to raise funds for a new flagship animal centre near Birmingham. To donate: call 0300 123 8001

Cats Protection is the UK's largest cat welfare charity and they rehome and reunite over 55,000 cats and kittens a year. That's one around every 10 minutes. They have a network of over 250 branches, 29 adoption centres, and one rehoming centre. They have 7,200 Cat loving Volunteers to help them, but they need your donation, Cats are also being dumped. Please help by going to their website,


One more organisation I would like to mention is The Alternative Animal Sanctuary, in Lincoln, England.
They take in and care for Cats with FIV, the feline equivalent of HIV, and take pride in providing a home "for those who have nowhere else to go"'. Their telephone number is 0781 840 6619. Please donate.
They also need Buckets, Rugs, Roof repairs, Gates, Buildings and more because they also take in Horses.


EMMA MILNE, Vet and Animal Rights Specialist feels that the Grand National should be banned. Please read her article that follows. She describes how she is appalled at the amount of suffering that horses endure and goes into the anatomical and many other reasons as to why these horses should not be doing this.
This year's Grand National killed two beautiful animals and injured others, needlessly, with the fences involved being brutal, despite course changes being made. Emma Milne writes the real truth about this race and its cruelty in detail. Read more:

Anyone who has seen the film 'Warhorse' can only be even be more compassionate for horses, because they can be so neglected and abused. Organisations like 'The Blue Cross' do so much for these noble and amazing animals. Visit them at, and likewise also visit the great charity for Horses called World Horse Welfare. I read about their rescue of many Horses in a sickening case of neglect in Aberdeenshire. Please donate to them by visiting their website Thank you!
The Mare & Foal Sanctuary at Rainham, also need your help at (Every 1 is vital!)

SPANA cares for working animals worldwide. Spana is The Society For The Protection of Animals Abroad. Established in 1923, their mobile clinics have treated over 380,000 working animals in some of the world's poorest countries. Website at Or you can telephone Spana on 020 7831 3999. Please help.