Mahatma Gandhi said, ' I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man'. Here is a well known organisation, PETA and RSPB actively do something positive to protect our fellow creatures on Planet Earth on Land and Sea. Also, please support the Bees

PETA is the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. They expose the cruel treatment of cats and dogs in China, abused and killed for their fur each year. Their investigators witnessed the transportation of animals to fur markets across China, in cages so full, that they cannot move. Dead and dying cats and dogs crammed in. They kill them in the most cost effective way, rather than the most humane way, by bludgeoning and kicking them, strangling them, drowning them, and skinning them alive. Nearly 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are abused and killed each year. Their fur finds a way into the European Union. The fur from these animals can end up as fur collars on coats, as lining in gloves, or even in rugs. British MEP Struan Stevenson collected evidence which included a coat made from 42 German shepherd puppies. The mis-labelling of fur is undermining the EU ban on dog and cat fur. It is often just described as something else. Other animals also suffer in this Chinese fur trade such as foxes, coyotes, or lynxes. Peta investigators discovered and filmed how Cats and Dogs are strung up by their legs and tails and have the fur peeled from them. Stripped and bleeding, animals are tossed onto a pile of bodies and the animals hearts beated on with ragged gasps of breath for five minutes, whilst the other animals looked on in horror, awaiting their turn, cold, and in filth, covered in faeces and urine. It is utter barbarity. Animals who are killed for their fur are often domestic cats and dogs, stolen from their homes, and cat and dog fur is sold under different labelling in countries across Europe, including Britain. And in addition to adult cats and dogs they often use kittens and puppies for their fur too. It is never morally justifiable to kill animals for clothing, furnishings, or trinkets. Please help PETA campaign against this horrible abuse. Polo Ralph Lauren went fur free after seeing Peta's footage of Chinese fur farms, and Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are now doing the right thing by removing fur from their collections. Peta are slowly helping to win the battle but it is not over. London is the fastest growing fur retail centre. If you go to Harrods from July onwards, it is awash with fur. Growth is being driven by rising demand for fur products in Asian markets. 400 of the world's leading designers used animal pelts in their collections in the last round of fashion weeks in 2013, in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. Among these were Mulberry, Gucci, Fendi, Matthew Williamson, and Temperley. The fur industry accounts for 1 billion rabbits and 2 million cats and dogs each year. Some animals are skinned alive, others are gassed, beaten, or electrocuted. Please help Peta to stop this barbaric trade. Contact them at E mail at

The above campaign that PETA supports is against the hunting and killing of North American bears for the fur trade. A lot of these Bear's fur goes towards ceremonial caps worn by The Queens Guards. It can take the entire skin of one beautiful Black bear, who are often Mothers with cubs, to make one bearskin cap.
Sir Roger Moore, Tony Benn, Anne Widdicombe, Ricky Gervais, Pamela Anderson, Joss Stone, Kate Ford, Lucy Davis, Ricky Whittle and the entire cast of Coronation Street joined Peta's campaign to stop this cruel trade in fur. Please support this.

PETA's 'Animal Times' magazine informs and speaks up for Animals across the globe. Please read this.

RSPB are an organisation who are saving threatened Birds, and wildlife including Tigers across the UK and overseas. With your support, the RSPB are creating a world, richer in nature. RSPB are Europe's largest wildlife conservation charity, with more than a million members and nearly 20,000 volunteers. Alongside over 200 Nature Reserves in the UK, they also restore Rainforests in Africa and Asia. They are saving Albatrosses in the Southern Oceans and planning to restore vast swathes of the UK's countryside to its former glory. Please become a member. 90p in the 1 goes directly to conservation work.

New research reported in the newspapers on 30th March 2012, have shown the reasons why Bees are now disappearing. Professor Dave Goulson from the University of Stirling who led the British Study, said, "Some Bumblebee species have declined hugely." There are 250 species of Bumblebee worldwide and 24 live in Britain, with two species now having gone extinct in the last 70 years. There are a further six species which have been named as priorities for protecting in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Only six species of Bumblebee are common, the rest have all declined to varying degrees. This has partly been caused by removal of hedges, marshes have been drained, and more than 97 % of managed flower-rich grassland has disappeared throughout Britain. Bees are massively important for Pollination, Biodiversity, and Crop Formation. The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, estimates that out of some 100 crop species worldwide, 71 of these are Bee pollinated. In Europe, Honey Bees are the Third most important domesticated Farm animal below the Cow and Pig! They are above Chickens in importance! The value of pollination to UK Agriculture is a staggering 440 million per year. Europe's insect pollinators estimated value is 11.4 Billion! We cannot lose our Bees. Two years ago Edinburgh was chosen as one of four UK cities to help find a way to reintroduce Bee species. The three year project is part of the 10 million Insect Pollinators Initiative run by Bristol University. The campaign is called Bees for Everyone. In Edinburgh it was launched at the Royal Botanic Gardens on 25th May 2012. To help them you can go to the website: