Four Paws is a leading Animal Rights Organisation that is committed to helping animals who are abused for economic, scientific, or other reasons. Their vision is; a world without animal suffering. Stopping the barbaric 'sport' of Canned Lion Hunting in Sth Africa is at the top of their agenda, alongside other issues.

Last year, trophy Hunters killed an estimated 1,200 Lions. Elephants are also made available for tourists to kill, but the victims are mostly lions. Currently, it is estimated that 4,000 lions are being bred in South Africa for the Canned Hunting Industry, which is growing at an unprecedented rate. Cubs are taken from their mothers when only a few days old, and reared by hand. They are handled frequently, and show little fear of humans.
When they are deemed to be at their prime from Four to Seven years old, they are then shot by Hunters who often are Tourists with no experience, and this can lead to a slow, painful death because it is not a fatal shot.
After being abused in a breeding regime and having her cubs being taken away from her, the Mother Lioness will be shot for around 5,000. Males often fetch 25,000. Those with impressive manes can cost 45,000.
Even young cubs are offered to Hunters for 35,000. Four Paws continue to rescue these poor lions and save them from the sick, glory Hunters. Four Paws Lion Sanctuary at Lionsrock, Bethlehem, in the Eastern Free State of South Africa protect the lions and allow them to live in a natural habitat. 77 lions have been saved. Please help to save more Lions.

Four Paws also rescue dancing Bears in the EU and Serbia, and help them in their Belitsa Dancing Bear Park in South-West Bulgaria. These formerly tormented bears are given freedom to enjoy a new, safer life. They are given specialist medical care and nutrition. They suffer from teeth and eye problems and need a lot of care. Please help to save more Bears.

Please support Four Paws. Phone them in London at 020-7922-7954. Thank you!

The UK was well aware of the arrival of 'Sunshine and Sweetie', the Giant Panda's on loan from China, who are now at Edinburgh Zoo, but another local zoo which doesnt get as much prominent attention is Five Sisters Zoo. They have recently rescued three circus bears, Suzy, Carmen, and Peggy from horrendous conditions in Belgium, and they have now arrived at West Calder, near Livingston and Edinburgh.
Please support this great initiative to keep them alive and well. The bears, aged between 23 and 28, who were born in captivity, spent 20 years in a travelling circus, living in cages measuring just ten metres square. Suzy paced in circles as a result of that confined space. Here is a Carmen awaiting her freedom.

An appeal was launched to help them championed by Sports Presenter Kirsty Gallacher, and Kate Ford, the Coronation Street Actress. You can now go and see the wonderful results of this campaign by going to:

A CHIMPANZEE THAT BEATS HUMANS AT MATHS! Read of this amazing feat. Click on the following link:

Chris Packham explores the vital natural relationships in Secrets of Our Living Planet on BBC2.

This new four part series explains how groups of animals, plants, and insects are intertwined. He looks at the Rainforest, Grassland, Seasonal Forests, and Waterworlds. He explores how the world's eco-systems work and how if a process of a working eco-system is wrecked, that the destruction of it causes the whole system to collapse. He looks at how some species have been driven to extinction, how decline can happen, and why large creatures like Bears need salmon or how the mighty Bengal Tiger needs the crab to survive.