International Animal Rescue are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of suffering animals. The rescue is just the beginning. They provide long term care for animals who need them. Every month they spend thousands of pounds on ambulances to bring dogs cats and wildlife to their clinic in Goa, food to help feed the Dancing Bears in their sanctuaries in Agra, and Bannerghatta, and running their clinics and rescue centre for Primates in Indonesia so they can be rehabilitated and some even released back into the wild. Sending IAR a donation helps to work with rescued animals for the long term and setting them up for life. Animals Asia are also saving the Moonbears from the disgusting practice of having their bile removed. The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme is also fighting to save the apes who live in the Tripa Forest on the coast of Aceh Province, Indonesia. Land clearing fires are sending the Orangutans fleeing. They are just barely hanging on there. It could be only a few weeks before they disappear. Please help them.

Please help International Animal Rescue to open cages and free Bears and Primates for a better life!

Orangutans : A species under threat. In 1900 there were 315,000 orangutans, and today there are only 50,000 left. Some estimates put it at only 30,000 left in the wild. They are caught to be sold as pets.
This practice and trade is rife in Indonesia. International Animal Rescue run a round the clock team of Rescuers, Vets, and Animal Specialists. They often need emergency treatment for injuries. They need to be retrained to learn the skills that their Mothers would have taught them. Borneo is losing their natural habitat because of deforestation, and their trade in Palm Oil, that goes to the West. This depletes their food supply.

Please help IAR by going to or telephone 01825 - 767688. Thank you!

Please help them in Indonesia, in the Tripa Forest. Please help and Go to

Animals Asia also save Moon Bears and work to end the horrible bear bile farming. Please help them to end this awful situation for the bears. Things are beginning to change in China with celebrities supporting China's Animal rights movement. They are speaking out against Shark fin soup and bear bile tonics. There is a weekly slaughter of 1.5 million sharks to make shark fin soup. Chinese activists have been outraged about a company called Guizhentang, who produce tonics from extracting bear bile, that they were planning a public listing and Activists have also staged mass releases of cats and dogs from caged shipments which were heading to restaurants and markets as delicacies. You can see the article and all the recent news about this from Animals Asia at

Dave Spikey, Comedian and Phoenix Nights Star, in the Sunday Express on January 13th 2013, spoke about his commitment to helping bears who are farmed for Chinese Medicines and are kept in Vietnamese cages. Dave is a Haematologist and used his NHS training to help these bears. He cares deeply for the work that Animals Asia does and other charities like Paws 4 Kids. He donates money from his concerts to help them.

Animals Asia and Jill Robinson can be contacted on telephone: 01579 - 347148.
Write to Animals Asia Foundation, 3 Ashleigh Meadow, Tregondale Farm, Menhenhiot, Cornwall, PL14 3RG.