Seals around the world, including young pups, are crying out for help! Baby Seals are beaten to death, or shot in one of the saddest, cruelest commercial hunts known to man. This is a massive marine animal slaughter. In 2010, over 66,400 seals were killed, 99% of them being baby seals under the age of one, beaten with clubs, impaled on hooks, and for what? A seal fur hat, or seal fur gloves. THIS MUST STOP!

Please Help International Fund for Animal Welfare to put pressure on the Canadian Government to stop this.
IFAW is fighting the brutality of poachers who target Elephants and Tigers, as well as helping the Seals, and IFAW also rescue cats and dogs who are abused in many parts of the world and they are campaigning to stop the Whale Slaughter, carried out by Japan in the name of "science". Please donate today at:

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was established in 1977. and they are an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems for all life. They help Dolphins, Turtles, Seals, Sharks, and Whales and actively help them in the prevention of slaughter, like what happens to the Pilot Whales each year in the Faroe Islands. Please help to stop this.

The Latest Faroese Slaughter of Pilot Whales - June 2012

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, established back in 1987. and they also defend these remarkable creatures against being hunted, being made captive, against chemical and noise pollution, ship collisions, entanglement in fishing nets, and climate change. WDCS has over 70 staff and many volunteers, working in countries like US, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, and Argentina. Help them!

In the Daily Express of May 6th 2012, it was reported that floundering European Fishing Laws are being blamed for the horrific slaughter of dolphins and porpoises around our UK Coastline.

The intelligent sea mammals are being crushed, torn apart and slowly left to drown after getting tangled in fishing nets. In the latest outrage, French fishermen off the coast of Cornwall are suspected of hacking fillets off accidentally caught dolphins and feasting on them. Leading watchdog the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society wants an urgent overhaul of EU legislation. They say the latest figures reveal that nearly 900 porpoises and dolphins a year were being killed, many dying in the most horrific manner. A spokesman for the WDCS said, "Animals are breaking teeth and jaws, severing fins and suffering deep gashes down to the bone and also receiving internal injuries. Fins and tail flukes can be totally amputated by the tightening nets. Most Dolphins trapped underwater by fishing gear die slowly of asphyxiation." The WDCS says that practices such as gillnetting and trawling need to be addressed on an EU wide basis. A Defra spokeswoman said that the UK is committed to tackling the problem. She added, " We are funding research into new and improved acoustic devices to deter dolphins from fishing nets. Working with the industry, this is proving very successful. Clearly, a lot more needs to be done to protect these dolphins.

If anyone doubted Dolphin's intelligence, then look back in BBC I Player and watch the recent programme SuperSmart Animals and see what the Dolphins did, creatively, on their own, without any training to do so.
It covers not just Dolphins, but an incredible Orangutan that beats Humans at Maths. Watch in awe!

DOLPHIN'S HEARTBREAKING FINAL JOURNEY. A STORY OF COMPASSION. From: Daily Mail, Wed July 18th 2012 Read this in full by clicking on the link here:

The Einsteins of the deep: Dolphins can perform feats of maths that would baffle human computer systems
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