Born Free Foundation believes in keeping Wildlife in the Wild. They are concerned about Dolphins being kept in appalling conditions, being forced to perform stupid tricks, and interact with people. Dolphins are vibrant, extraordinary creatures, intelligent and perceptive. Yet, they are cooped up in concrete tanks, in water treated with harsh chemicals, which irritate their eyes and sensitive skin. And this is entertainment? Help Born Free fight Dolphin Abuse worldwide. Help these captured creatures live a normal, wonderful life. The great Coronation Street Actress, Helen Worth, worked with Born Free recently to set free two captive Dolphins and this was shown on Daybreak. She made an appeal for Tourists not to swim with Dolphins! Brian May, the Queen Guitarist also worked with Born Free recently and runs his own campaign Save Me. Virginia McKenna e-mailed me to say her team would join an 'All Creatures Day' Telethon when it happens. The World Wildlife Fund are working to build a future in which Humans can live in Harmony with Nature.

Born Free Foundation works to help so many animals as well as Cetaceans. They help Elephants, Lions, Bears, Parrots, Foxes, Primates, and so many more with a dedication to fight animal abuse and misery everywhere. Recently, they helped Tom and Misha,

Two Bottlenose Dolphins to be set free after eight miserable years in captivity in Turkey. It was a culmination of a 500,000 project called 'Back to the Blue', when British ex-pats boycotted their Russian owners filthy aquarium, which was just a toxic, slimy pool. The presenter Donal MacIntyre highlighted this appalling situation two years ago in 2010 and then Born Free got involved. For the past 20 months an international team of marine biologists from the UK, US, and Turkey had nursed Tom and Misha back to health, because when they were first found, they were close to death. They were taught how to hunt and regain their natural instincts. They were being abused at this aquarium by having to give 50 rides to tourists. Leading the project, was US marine biologist, Jeff Foster, now among 11 experts who are monitoring the dolphins progress.

Helen Worth beautifully and eloquently appealed on Daybreak for all Tourists to not support these aquariums. There are still twelve dolphin parks in Turkey, and the Government there should be put under pressure to ban these parks, so please help to protect the remaining captive Dolphins that are still there. Please donate to Born Free at: or telephone them for more information: 01403-240170. Roar for the Pride of Cape Town! 50 lion sculptures will soon be prowling the streets of Cape Town in the name of lion conservation! One Lion, 'The People's Lion', will be decorated with donor's names and photos - this lion sculpture will be a symbol of your support to protect lions in the wild, so please make your donation now to:

Born Free has also investigated zoo's in Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania, and in fact, right across Europe. Animals were housed in concrete cells, and were denied even the basic needs. Even the wealthier countries such as Austria, France and Germany have to improve care, so Born Free will not rest until it is achieved. Help them! Here below is a photo of Virgina McKenna, Founder of Born Free, Kerry Ellis, West End Star, and Brian May, Queen Guitarist, who are all involved in protecting and saving creatures.

Save Me is an Animal Campaign group run by the amazing Queen Guitarist, Brian May, to stop foxhunting and badger culling throughout the UK. Brian worked with Born Free recently and says that " Animals possess so much more emotion and intelligence than they have been given credit for! I totally agree! And Brian also has a wildlife rescue centre near his home in Surrey and regularly visits it there. Go to Brian's great site at: and help him in his campaign to treat animals with respect.

A Recent achievement in Canada has to be stated here now with regards to Rights for Cetaceans to be free:

The World Wildlife Fund are creating 'Tigerlands', in which Tiger populations have the space to roam and hunt in safety. All over Asia, forests are disappearing. WWF are working with local communities to find ways of preserving the Tiger's habitat, whilst reducing the human need to grab fuel and gain income at Tiger's expense by exploring new eco-tourism ideas and alternative sources of energy like stoves that run on bioga's rather than having to run on wood from these areas. WWF want to stop the continual degradation
of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Support it! Go to 10 could help put an anti-poaching patrol in the field. 20 could train a sniffer dog for the border patrol. 40 could with camera's monitor the wild tigers. 60 could help plant 2,000 tree seedlings and restore prime habitat. 100 could equip a patrol for anti-poaching operations.